Posted on: August 4, 2009 9:42 pm

Message to Moyer: It's over buddy

First of all, I am obviously a huge Phillies fan. Because of this I am about done with Jamie Moyer. I know, I know. Moyer has 256 career wins and has been an "iron man" in this game. However, has he ever really been that good? Not in my opinion. At least not "that" good. In 23 seasons he's been a 20 game winner only twice and barely even those two times. He's never struck out more than 158 people in a season. He's gone 9 whole different seasons without having a complete game notching only 31 total. You can hardly compare that to guys like Randy Johnson who has 100 complete games, Nolan Ryan with 222, Steve Carlton with 254, Greg Maddux with 109, Curt Schilling with 83, and the list just goes on and on. I haven't even mentioned that he has a career ERA of 4.22. Again this ranks low compared to other potential hall of famers. Yet it seems that with his 256 career wins and 23 years of longevity that he gets a pass on how actually good he really is and has been. In my opinion he's been a solid pitcher but he's gone to the All star game only once and he's finished top 5 in the Cy Young a couple times. Whoopydee doo. He's 46. Even if I thought he was true hall of fame material hes just too old. Randy Johnson was pitching better than Moyer before he was put on the DL and I almost think its time for him to hang up the cleats too. Anyway, I just think that he's only hurting the Phillies chances. I'd rather see Pedro at 9 years young fill the 5 spot on the rotation. I think it should be Lee, Hamels, Happ, Blanton, Martinez. Moyer needs to retire and if he doesn't Manual should have the sense to bench him for how bad he has been.
Posted on: July 16, 2009 10:28 pm

It's a shame that Ryan Howard is almost 30.

I really do think it is a great disappointment that Ryan Howard is almost 30 years old. This guy has become the fastest, in terms of games played and not age, to hit 200 home runs in the MLB. This gives him not very much time to reach any of the major record holders for career home runs. If somehow he managed to hit 40 homeruns every year for the next 10 years he would still only reach a little over 600 home runs (which would still be an amazing feat) but that would pale in comparison to the records of Ruth, Aaron, Bonds and potentially A-Rod. One would wonder if only we could have started this guy our at an earlier age with the amount of home runs he has been hitting, how could he not certainly break every home run career record ever. It's a shame as a Phillies fan because it would be such an amazing thing to see one of our own go down as the greatest home run slugger of all time. I doubt that will happen though, even though he will in my opinion be a hall of famer with as many HRs and RBIs that he'll retire with.
Posted on: July 8, 2009 8:41 pm


Is anyone else sick of Ricky Rubio? I am absolutely fed up with what he's been doing to the Timberwolves. No one, outside of any active stars with championship rings, is above any team in the NBA in my opinion. So who does this 18 year old rookie from Spain think he is? He hasn't proven himself as a true star in Europe. The highest he's averaged in scoring is just around 10 points per game. Sure he has highlight reel after highlight reel of ridiculous behind the back passes and alley oops, but how does that make any difference from a lot of guys on the And1 Mixed Tape Tour? Ricky Rubio is not Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Deron Williams, or Allen Iverson. He has proven nothing, absolutely NOTHING!  I have no idea how this guy thinks he can get away with treating a team who, to me, took a chance on him. This guy doesn't deserve to get his wish granted and be able to play in a big market. There are tons of guys who'd give their first born to get a chance to play in the NBA and this guy is taking that for granted. Do you think Pau Gasol would have chosen to play in Memphis over somewhere like LA or New York when he was drafted? That's a big heck no! Gasol made the best of it and proved his worth. We know how the story goes from there. As it stands, Ricky Rubio doesn't deserve the NBA and the NBA doesn't deserve Ricky Rubio's treatment of their more than well established league. 
Posted on: June 28, 2009 7:09 pm

My revelation: A good pick should= assist

How many times have you seen a guy make a great setup pass to another player in which the other player scores almost easily? How many times have we seen this happen and be amazed more so by the playmaker or passer, if you will, then the guy who shot and scored the basket? I can think of many times where this has happened. That's a huge "DUH" as we've seen so many great guards with double digit assists in games, seasons and some have even averaged it for their careers. Now as a 5'9 recreational basketball player who plays the 1 or 2 spot on the floor in most games (college intramurals and church league teams-lame I know) I'm not trying to discredit point guards. These guys obviously are the ones who set up the floor and make great passes that lead to quick baskets. However, where is the love for the guys not commanding the action on the floor, the role players and even the superstars off the ball or the big men in the post? I'm talking about the guys who set those lockdown picks to create space for the guy with the ball. This brings me back to a question similar to the first question: How many times have you seen a guy set a pick for a guy to drain a jumper or get around a man for an easy layup? I can about guarantee you about 75% of those shots wouldn't have gone in without that deadly pick. I know, I know some of you are probably saying that this notion would devalue the assist stat. I couldn't disagree more. I've seen plenty of point guards set up guys with picks for scorers and be successful so I don't think it devalues the stat. The second argument that you might be able to make against this is that it would be much harder to track than a typical passing assist. Again, I strongly disagree. A passing assist is no black and white statistic. I feel that judging of pick-assists  would be as easy if not easier than judging a passing assist. I realize that this statistic will never become official due to my urging if it ever would at all. Maybe we could compromise too. Maybe not call it an assist but instead create a whole different stat category for it. Maybe something along the lines of S.O.S which would stand for score off screen or S.O.P meaning score off pick. Anyway I figured I'd give my thoughts as guys who set great picks should be recognized in my opinion. 
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